Nerf Guns, 37th (5-2) at Euros 2020

anarchomushroom 346

Nerf Gun

I had absolutely no idea what to play, corp-wise, for euros. Merger Sports seemed fast but potentially risky, Titan is fucking boring to play, and my beloved Argus seemed sketchy against all the criminal that I expected. I tried Spombo Asa but I'm bad at the deck and didn't feel confident taking it to Euros. By Thursday afternoon I hadn't picked a corp, so I searched up some Outfit lists, played it for a bit on jnet, won 4 games in a row with it and said "fuck it, we're playing this".

This deck carried me to a 37th place finish, and I do mean carried me. This goes insanely quick and can play either a glacier-y game, or can rush out CWP before winning with a Hostile from hand, or it can kill with Punitive and Boom.

This is an absolute blast to play, and feels really good right now. You can go the rigshooter route with Tithonium and Marcus Batty, but this is just way consistent, and allows you to jump right back into the game. I played against 419 and at one point they had 30 credits and I had maybe 12. I shifted into a glacier strategy, built a killer remote, and eventually scored out.

I really loved playing this deck and there's not a whole lot of changes I would make. The money is good, the threats are good, yeah, it's just a really all round good deck. On the day I beat Freedom, 419, Hayley x2, and Kit, and lost to Adam and Freedom. I was agonisingly close to winning my 241 against Freedom, but perhaps tried rushing out an SSL way too early when I probably could have eased back a turn and tried to beef up the remote a bit better. Congrats to Tradon on that one, you well earned that.

Euros was a blast, Outfit is great, thank you to Nisei for running this tournament and I can't wait to see you all again for online worlds. <3

25 Jul 2020 Shiro1981

@anarchomushroom You killed Kit! ;'((((

25 Jul 2020 anarchomushroom

@Shiro1981that one felt brutal. What ya get for ripping 6 points in two turns ;)