Canadian Argus (5th Place Toronto Regions)

NinjaMike 240

This deck is heavily influenced by the Liberal Gulag deck, but also the other excellent Argus builds that have been floating around lately.

I swapped out the Vanillas for Ice Walls and the Oaktown for a Broad Daylight just for an extra chance to kill. That didn't matter though because I never saw it all day except when the runner stole it off R&D.

I went 3-1 in Swiss, losing to Val in round 1, and then beating Sunny, Gabe and Freedom. All the wins were kills, and Freedom took all 3 HPTs in one turn kill.

In the cut, I lost to Reina when I drew no economy cards, but then beat Geist with yet another kill. My runner deck (Wu) was the weak point in the day which only took 2 wins.

This was the first tournament where I made the cut, and I'm glad to do it in the last one in the area. Thanks to all my opponents, it was a really fun day.

Luberal Gulag: