Rush Ob Forever 100 Years [1st @ Berkeley CO]

Wentagon 359

This is just CobraBubbles' Fantastic Man with a few minor tweaks to personal taste:

  • -1 Descent, +1 Regolith: I felt like the deck had enough ICE but sometimes not enough money and per Cobra noting you want to clear a rego most games (which I agree with) I thought this change made sense. In practice in my three games, I never needed the second but was always glad to have drawn one. There's every possibility though that 2 is overkill.

  • -1 Magnet, +1 Thimblerig: I really don't like to sleeve up rush Ob without a thimblerig, so even though I was nervous about ICE destruction and Aumakua, the ability to move Border Controls around, or surf it inwards if the runner can only break it once. Pilot's choice here I think, magnet is also perfectly reasonable.

I have not felt like a strong Ob player in the past but my testing team really, really like rush Ob so at their encouragement I took the plunge -- and am happy to have won all three games against a regular and stabby Sable, and a nailbiter against Maw Hoshiko.

Much love always to BOSSSSSTTTTT.

7 Apr 2024 maninthemoon

Well played!! Congrats on the rush ob win!

7 Apr 2024 maninthemoon

It is a team favorite for sure, glad it's starting to feel more comfortable 🥳

7 Apr 2024 ThatsNoMun

Nice work dude! Looking forward to trying this deck out!

7 Apr 2024 BinkBonkle

100 years forever rush ob 100 times