Turtle Van Adam by Thike. 1st @ Rainy Day Games

Benjen 719

This is card for card Thike's Turtle Van Adam deck.

3-1 in swiss because I stupidly picked Always Be Running against a Jinteki deck to get hand size. That was dumb. Don't do it.

Won every other game.

27 Feb 2018 Thike

Glad it worked out for you!

27 Feb 2018 Benjen

@Thike it felt so good to win a game by running HQ to check for hidden agendas, see a 3-pointer on R&D, then Stimhack though a monster R&D server (with a surprise Archer) and steal it. This deck was a lot of fun and had so many ways to win.

27 Feb 2018 Thike

@Benjen Did you ever wish you had a Film Critic, or did EStrike do work? I'm currently waffling on which direction I want to go in the future. (Basically -3 EStrike, +2FC, +1Stimhack)

28 Feb 2018 Benjen

@ThikeFC definitely would have won me the game I lost, but ES helped me take 2 games from an Argus that placed 2nd in swiss.

I really don't know. I feel like where I am, FC might be the way to go. Seeing a lot of Obokatas, SSL Endorsements, and Ikawahs. So I think it is worth a try. FC still seems like the best restricted card to pick.