BleeseMeese - 1st Leuven Regionals, Belgium

clercqie 352

Got 1st place at Leuven Regionals, Belgium. 16 players. 5 rounds of Swiss into Top 4 cut.

Bog standard Sifr Whizzard list, which got a massive boost in viability with the advent of Bloo Moose (plural: Blee Meese). Other kinds of Whizzard are better against Moons or CI, but Belgium typically has a more diverse field, so Sifr is a catch-all solution against a lot of different Corp decks. It's still not too shabby against Moons, because they do really rely on their ICE.

I added a couple of Slums again, because I lost a couple of weeks ago against RP Prison with a fantastic start. Now you just RFG some Bio-Ethics and it's gg. 3 Estrike, because obviously. I did cut a Parasite for it though, but you are very good at just breaking ICE as well, so I don't think it's a big deal. I put my last influence in Aaron to shore up the SYNC matchup, which is still really scary. Aaron does have extra utility in other matchups as well. 46 cards because I'm terrible at cutting to 45 and Making An Entrance has become my signature pet card during this year. You can probably do without. :-)

Tournament went as follows: BYE, win against weird HB Kill, win against RP Prison, ID, ID. Top 4 corp game was against HB Kill again. As I knew what to expect, this was less tricky than in Swiss.

Thanks to the Ghent crew as usual for theorycrafting and agonizing over deckslots and overall strategy!

6 Aug 2017 Okkdoko

46 cards, still plays MAE. Guess it doesn't matter when you're on fire :P Grats on the win!

6 Aug 2017 mLodon

weird HB kill! :D

7 Aug 2017 theoneakaneo