Austin October GNK Jemison - 2nd Place (3-0)

errantmage 336

I wasn't sure what to play for corp at the local Austin GNK, so I borrowed my wife's Jemison deck. I accidentally left the 49th card in her deck box (a second Punitive), but it didn't matter: this deck performed well through floods, through trash effects, and through Khusyuk digs. The remotes get unreasonable to break so fast it becomes a problem (Tithontium + Archer+ anything), and the single Broad Daylight capitalizes on the bad pub you generate to disrupt runner mid-games. Oberth + Atlas is your primary close-out plan, with multiple secondary plans in the form of Audacity, Bio Vault, and tricking people into Junebug in the typical Jemison manner. My runner deck dropped a game, and strength of schedule landed me second, but I had a blast the entire time!

Big shoutouts to Brandon and the rest of the Austin City Grid for a great tournament!

20 Oct 2019 Cliquil

Cool list - I've been trying to make a Jemison without Mushin myself for a bit and I might lean heavily on this list for my ideas now. Congrats on the GNK placing - hope you got some sweet swag!

2 Nov 2019 errantmage

Thanks! I definitely can't take any credit for this list, but it's fun to ply and I think you should check it out!

As far as swag, I brought the participation prizes for this event: a set of Wu-themed Pumpkin Rezekis!

Halloween Rezeki