Apocalypse Slough

Highwire 1019

This is the very stupid deck I took to the UK Rankings Invitational Final, and ended up finishing 4th. I chickened out when building it and put real breakers in which I hated all day, so if you are going to play this very dumb Apocalypse/Notoriety combo deck, take out the Na'Not'K, Lady and Gordian, and replace them with a second Overmind, a Cyber-Cypher and an Inti which were there originally.

Generally the idea is to just set up for a fast Hyperdriver turn, where you use DDoS and Brahman and DDM to see a load of cards and then play a bunch of Notorieties and then Apocalypse, because that's pretty fun.

This is a very stupid deck and is not to be taken seriously.