Rude Deck Wins Again Again (2nd place at Canberra SC)


Props to @Ajar and @Boreira for creating such a gross deck. This thing is great :)

Took me to 2nd place after top cut and then 2nd place overall at Canberra store champs, paired with my own version of an Adam deck.

Being able to consistently get to 20-30 credits by end of turn 2, often with a hostile scored really puts you in a super strong position to put pressure on the runner.

I dropped one reversed accounts for slot machine, as I felt that the extra chaos it creates would be assist the deck. On the day though it didn’t get much chance to fire, so I don’t know if this is good or not (seemed worthwhile in testing)

Other notable change is dropping mausoleum for afshar because it’s great on HQ, I almost exclusively used this on HQ 2x of this makes it hard to run it many times.

Excalibur also didn’t do much on the day and might be better as surveyor. Unsure what the best choice is, if any for unicorn.

I tried a split of 1/1 archived mem/ark lockdown in testing but found that 2 archived mem is correct. Ark lockdown might win you the odd game, but archived mem has way more utility in this deck.

Drone deployment is fantastic. Don’t drop it for Global foods.

23 May 2019 Ajar

Congrats on the finish! Those last few slots and ice specifics are definitely a matter of taste and playstyle.