Funny-spicy ASA – thanks to amavric TOP CUT – overall 4-

Cucin 236

This was my first tournament I have finished at Top Cut with my performance and this deck helped it. It was Antverp online store tournament 16th May of 2020 with 33 players. Some players wanted for me to publish it, so here it is. Despite of it´s funny deck, it was still good enough to help me finished with 4 wins and 2 loss in tournament.

I don´t like play well known and strong decks. I rather play decks which are not so common (which uses very occasional cards) and are fun and uses good portion of upgrades. And this is one of that decks.

Yeah this deck can kill you! This deck will mix up your mind! You will have to change your calculation during running to servers but it will be fun for you and same for corp (me) as well. So dont´t hesitate and take it and taste it.

Hey Andréé (Amavric) - Canadian man do you hear me? Listen, big thanks to you, I am watching your streaming almost regulerly on metropolite grid and one day you itroduced deck called „mid mia“ which used some cool cards like Ganked, Helheim servers, Tranquility Home Grid and Brainstorm. I liked it.

So I took your deck and tested it and then I do some changes (add some card according my preferences and cut others which was not suited well to my strategy like Eli, Komainu, DNA Tracker, Waporframe Fabricator etc. ) and finished with this result.- left from this comment. Yeah as you can see I added for example one spiky Snare (almost nobody expect it in HB). I added also Daruma, because you can almost safely advance agenda on nice big - expensive to break through - remote server with Daruma installed on it. If runner go for that agenda, just let him spent money and then almost in the end of his run- in phase of aproaching server- use Daruma and change that agenda for another card from hand (be sure you have something you can use), for example Snare or Ganked - hehe :-) and then let runner (if he is brave and doesn´t jack out) to encounter some the most painfull rezzed ice on server again like Tyr, Chiyashi, even Ichi or the most funny Brainstorm. Next round perhaps you can advance that agenda again, cause runner doesn´t have money to go to that remote again and in the best case you would have still rezzed Tranquility Home Grid so you gain again 2 credits and don´t loose tempo. Yeah that is funny. For those who are not familiar with combo of Ganked and some rezed ice (best also with using of Helheim Servers), I recomend you to watch this amavric video: from time 1 hour 25 min. Amavric explain that interactions nicely. The most funny is to use Ganked with Brainstorm. In first encounter Brainstorm gains subrutine acording runner´s card in hand, but when he access Ganked in server, you can force him to encounter Brainstorm again so with double subrutine on it. (I think that when I played Antverp online store tournament I forget few times to tell runner that he has to really break double subrutines on Brainstorm, so don´t forget it – and remember that on jnet you have to do interaction with Ganked manually). Very funny interaction - which I realized from community comments during watching vesper´s streaming - can be also with Loki, some spicy ice (like Ichi or Brainstrom) and Ganked together, cause in first encounter Loki gains subrutine of rezzed ice you choose and when runner access Ganked you can choose to encounter Loki again and then you choose ice and subrutines on it, so for example if you choose on first encounter that Loki gains subrutine from Brainstorm and on second encounter (through used Ganked) that Loki gains subrutine form Ichi, in that moment Loki has 3 subrutines from Ichi, and also those X (depends on runner´s hand) subrutines from first Brainstorm and stll Loki himself subrutine. This wil cost much money to break for sure. And what hapenned when you have installed 2 Ganked on that server? Well who knows:-))

As you can see this deck has really good eco, One of the most important card is Tranquilty Home Grid. It enables you to take money while you install agenda, so you can even advance it. Cool. Or use it with Asembly Advanced Lines trash it and use that Grid again in runner´s turn and of course also your ASA ability. I think this deck has good combination of cheap ice and expensive ones. Clever choice is also using Gatekeeper with Hellheim Servers, so you can stop runner to get server by trahing cards from hand and still you take another 3 cards with firing boosted Gatekeeper .Yeah I think Helheim Servers is very tricky card if you want to mixed up runner´s head, and destroy his math calculation. Together with Ganked it can even kill the runner. Thimblerig is good to replace ice (Brainstorm, Tyr etc.) where do you want. During testing I realized that despite of the fact that deck is solid also in late game, better idea is to score quickly. With so much money you can do it relatively well. Because you have only 7 agendas, for helping score more quickly, I added 1 Digital Rights Management but maybe 2 would be even better. Composition of agendas depends on your taste. I think that SSL Endorsement is mandatory, rest is up to you. Maybe I would change in future one Vacheron for second Ikawah. I let in deck Timely Public Release as tool to help you install trashed ice or/and surprise painfully runner by instalation of ice during run. But more stable will be choosing Project Vitruvius together with Biotic Labor. Remote Enforcement or Cyberdex Sandbox can be aslo not bad alterantive..

So that´s it I think it´s very funny, spicy and I recommend you to try it. If you want taste exciting and funny moment like this - look from time 2:51 min 48 sec till end of that game - just play it. :-)

I think there is still place to improve this deck, you can test another spicy card, like Prisec, after Brainstorm. So you can envolve it how do you like. Maybe the best thing on this deck (besides the fact that it´s very funny for both sides) is, that it´s very interactive and force both sides to think twice.

This tournament was blast. Thanks to Cluster Fox and Belgium community for information and organisation this event and Vesper for such long commenting and streaming – I really appreciated that.

It was pleasure and fun to play. Thank you all.

19 May 2020 Longi

Oh, what a beast man! And congrats to you first big top cut!

19 May 2020 t.p

And a new Evil archetype born in Brno! :) Congratz Cucin for the top and original deck brought into life :)

19 May 2020 iref

Congratz on great results!

19 May 2020 vesper

This deck was definitely the spiciest MVP of the whole day :-) Well done, congrats!

19 May 2020 Cucin

Thank you all guys :-)

20 May 2020 paulyg

Loved watching this deck in action. Congrats on the great result!

21 May 2020 rotage

Love the deck, my proudest moment of the day was not losing to this deck and realising at the last moment if I broke a brainstorm I'd die to ganked.

I will definitely look at this list and ponder some tweaks