Los' Orders (24th at NtscapeNavigator's SC)

HiddenAway 884

This was originally a Forged Activation Orders Tao deck before I lost the courage to play with an unpracticed deck - so I just slotted it into Los instead.

Pretty standard deck. Forged Activation Orders is actually decent if timed correctly. Very good against The Outfit and their Bulwarks as you get the bad pub to use for the next run and know what you're facing. I'd like to try this with Verbal Plasticity instead of Earthrise Hotel and the Mystic Maemi's are a bit suspect. Jailbreak could be good.

Overall, this deck did fairly well for an unpolished build. It just does absolutely nothing to Sports Combo which was my first game of the day.

Thanks to Aki and the rest of the NISEI team for hosting a great event with 70 players!

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