Gauntlet Smoke (51st place Worlds 2017)

tzeentchling 905

Pretty straightforward Clone Chip Smoke deck. Decided last minute to not play Tapwrm, to save slots in my deck of SacCons. May have been a mistake. Went 3-2 plus a bye on Day 1, beating a Titan, a CtM, and a Palana, and losing to another Titan (didn't see SMC or breakers until T5) and to another CtM (ran out of money). Then got wrecked the next day by a NEH on the CtM style build and a rushy PE deck.

Lots of tech cards, the question is always do you draw them in time? Most of my games, the answer was no. It's probably better to build that way in Hayley or Ayla, since they have the draw/filtering to support it.