Hybrid Outfit

iceprisma 40

First of all, I would like to thank v01d and AxWill for organizing the Baltic and Finland co-nationals. The event went very well and it was nice to see new and old friends. Thanks also to all my opponents for the nice games.

I can't take credit for the deck's I played. The credit for my corp deck belongs to my fellow Unbander Odol and qvm who won the Swiss championship with similar same deck.

I went 3-2 on the tournament. I managed to win Hoshiko, Steve and Steve and lost two times to Dunsch's Los. I feel that both games against Los were winnable. Thanks to Dunsch for a very tight games.

Special shoutouts goes to my testing group Unband! It is my pleasure to develop with you to become a better player. Extra thanks to AxWill with whom I had time to practice before the tournament.