A g(eneric) (un)In(teresting) fusion - 36th @ Worlds 2020

koga 977

There's not that much to say about this, it's a kinda generic AgInfusion that's basically a copy of qvm's Yellow Submarine, with Gold Farmer replaced by 3 Sandstone and 1 FC3. I initially wanted to bring ASA but chickened out after hearing so many people talk about Apoc Hoshiko. I regretted the choice the day after submitting the lists but eh, still did ok with it so it's fine.

Sandstone felt pretty good, there were so many situations where purges happened so I quite liked it (plus, it taxes clippy for 4 on the first encounter, so it's cool). The rest is... well, La Costa nonsense and ice. What, you expected something else?
I think I played 1 game with this before submitting the lists (and lost), so uhhhhh yeah good stuff

I ended up going 3-3 (first round bye win and two 241s played with the corp), winning vs valerian32's Hayley, Baa Ram Wu's Hoshiko and mendax's 419 (241), lost to Saan's Hoshiko (very close), Rotage's Hayley (not even a chance) and leachrode's Leela (was the 241 to get into the top).
The day was amazing, I had a ton of fun chilling with the people in the chat and with my opponents. You can check out the streams here:

Check out my runner here!

Thanks to everyone, worlds is a big thing and I'm so happy I got this far, especially after failing miserably last year (216th) :D
Huge thanks, as always, to the Italian community (+ Kelf <3), you people always find ways to make every tournament incredible. Shoutout to @Ar00nDELL for making the top cut and to the Bologna crew for hosting their stream too.

Always be Running!