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25 Feb 2018 Sanjay

This makes a lot of sense! Laramy has always appreciated spending the influence on Find the Truths, why not revisit the archetype with RNG Key.

Hope the deck did well, but regardless, cool idea.

25 Feb 2018 deleriad

Thanks. Won one lost two at a small (8 person) event. But he was a contender in all the games. Won against an Asa jinja/sandburg. Lost to a Custom Biotics jinja monstrosity despite successfully stealing two Vanity Projects. Lost to an AOT jinja sandburg but made him sweat. He did have 3 Jinjas down in the first three turns so Larry had an excuse.

To be honest I suspect that RNG is best in Adam but it gives you the option of leaving the top card in place for economy.

Mostly though Larry is just fun to play.

26 Feb 2018 zmb

Maybe Lewi Guilherme to make the FIS sting more?

26 Feb 2018 deleriad

@zmbI did try him in an earlier version but never had much luck with him. His upkeep is surprisingly taxing. (I actually swapped him out for the supplier.)