[EMEA Prep] Ok, Some Breakers

Bridgeman 1901

This deck and more will be discussed in todays stream: https://youtube.com/live/0_M-Z5DVAZA

I was asked a while back about how to read a meta, today I will attempt to answer that question, give insight into tournament preparation, and give thoughts about the continentals season. All straight off the top of the dome!

I'll be answering comments here and on youtube :)

6 Sep 2023 maninthemoon

This list looks fun. Did you try/consider Banner at any point? Guess Bran is the real problem with that card?

6 Sep 2023 Bridgeman

I thought about it a bit in theory, but never actually tried it as the appeal of logic bomb was just too great :D

But yes, bran is a bit of an issue :P

7 Sep 2023 secondskin

Adam lives on ❤

7 Sep 2023 Bridgeman

He sure does, and in terms of aggressive Adam archetypes this even feels a lot better. Long live the bioroid runners :D