Maximum Shaper Mulch (1st at Nov AMT)

AugustusCaesar 417

aksu's masterpiece

Gachapon is busted in this deck, so how about we play a 4th copy in the form of SMC. It is so clutch to smc for a second bot, or for an imp against assets.

This was part of my broad experimentation with mulch, including the engolo mulch i took to UK nats. And the ill-fated q-loop mulch I took to Singapoore nats. Expect a full writeup of all the versions and my closing thoughts on them after Italian Nationals next week.

This deck went 3-0-1 at Nov AMT, the tie was a close one against 6-zmari.

My corp at the event was the big deal ag monstrosity

19 Nov 2023 maninthemoon

Nice list! I like this adaptation of Mulch :D

19 Nov 2023 HaverOfFun

14 Influence on shaper stuff is what I love to see! Super result!!!