TheBigBoy's Minnesota Magnum Maxx

TheBigBoy 8937

The age of glacier is back. Caprice is everywhere. If you can't be bothered with psi, here is a deck that will beat her basically every time.

Essentially, this is a remote lock deck. Take 8 with Magnum every turn. After a certain point, your money + the heap breakers + Rumor mill recursion will leave the Corp with no way to win. I've had Corps concede in 0-0 games because they realized that their remote costed 16 credits for me to break, but I had 50 and there was no way for them to force me to run through it additional times.

...except it's not just a remote lock deck, it's a Vamp deck. The Corp can't just jam in their remote, they need to get a money lead or Crisium Grid on hq, lest you Vamp them and steal their agenda. This wont happen against good players, but the threat of Vamp forces them to slow down to the point where your remote lock endgame kicks in.

...except it's not just a Vamp deck. It's an Ice Destruction deck. With 1 of each silverware, 6 event recursion and a Levy, you can destroy A LOT of ice. If you get forced through the Corps remote because they're rushing and you are worried about your magnum economy getting taxed out by never-advance bluffs, just spam silverware to tear the remote down. A Corp with enough rezzed Ice to force you into this situation is often too poor to replace the ice they lose. The silverware also give you an out against Ark Lockdown, giving you a way to get through Ice with Eater on a remote or archives should you get a Heap breaker removed from the game.

...except it's not just an Ice Destruction deck, it's an anti-rush race deck. Against decks that try to rush to the finish line, you have a few solid counters. The least expected is the single Stimhack, which is an unusual sight in an Eater deck. In fact, the Stimhack is one of your best cards against players who know what they are doing! Just Frantic Coding and Maxx mill your Conspircy breakers and Stimhack into the trash and then Same Old Thing Stimhack the remote. This should break essentially any rush server. Against Biotic-Based fast advance, your remote camping and Vamping plans wont work, so you will have to race them with Keyhole (and Wanton Destruction should it be obvious from your Keyhole misses that they are hoarding in HQ). Mad Dash really shines here, since you are only playing to 3 agendas against HB, making it far more realistic to beat them this way. Of course use rumor mill to shut down an ice'd Jackson if necessary.

Some other card explanations: 3 Grimoire - It's a 3 credit 2MU memchip. After Eater and Magnum this is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO GET DOWN IN THE MIDGAME. If your 3rd grim hits the garbage, think ahead to if you are going to levy or not. If you will not be levying that game then just suck it up and deja the Grim. It sucks, but you'll live.

3 Scrubber- I think this is better than Slums. This makes dealing with Crisium Grid recursion way easier and also obviously helps against spam decks. Between Mopus, Scrubber, and the free Maxx draw, you can keep up with spam.

1 Levy - I just want to say that I ONLY LEVY IN ABOUT 20% OF GAMES. The reasons you Levy are:

  • You are playing against Net Damage Kill

  • You got a REALLY horrible first pass through your deck with 0-1 recursion cards and no Grimoire (possibly even no Eater). This happens in about 10% of games.

  • The game is really slow and grindy, and the Corp has a win condition that beats rumor mill (For example, weird stuff like Tennin FA). In these matchups you will win by spamming silverware so you probably will Levy.

Note about getting Magnum: Get Magnum Opus down turn 1 every game if you can. I did some math and found that with a mulligan, the Maxx draw on turn 1, and Frantic Coding, you will get magnum out 85% of the time. You can probably round up to 90% or maybe higher because of other weird lines that get you Magnum as well (inject into ret run, Gamble -> IHW-> Frantic etc.). I think I have had 1 game since I started playing the deck where I just couldn't find Magnum and Auto-lost, but that's about on par with any normal deck as far as getting unplayable draws.

Note on Ark Lockdown: You can actually beat this card! They often need 2 lockdowns to beat you because of how many backup plans you have. Probably the best thing for them to lockdown is Keyhole. An HBFA deck that pulls that off probably beats you, but you can always play around that if you know they have it by grabbing the keyhole as soon as it gets milled and keeping it in your hand. Getting heap breakers locked down is annoying, but you can work around with Eater + Silverware. Basically Lockdown is quite good against this deck, but wont save a Corp that is already way behind, and they need to be educated about how to play this deck before their Lockdown does anything. Most people just Lockdown Levy which, unless they are Potential Unleashed, is really stupid.

I think until Scorpios comes out, or until people start slotting tons of Ark Lockdowns and Chronos projects backed up by Vanillas and Crisium Grids, this is the best runner deck in the Game. Credit to @ericbtool for the idea.

(I actually think Scorpios is beatable with some small changes. I'll re-write-up the deck when I test further)

23 Apr 2017 ericbtool

I still have one EMP device in mine so as another mean thing to do on a heavily stacked HQ or remote

23 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

Yes EMP device is very good. Cutting 1 of the Scrubbers for it is certainly an option.

23 Apr 2017 rumirumirumirumi

How's the PU Match Up?

23 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

I have done fine. Use good anti-mill fundamentals. Levy early, try to close the game faster than usual. Check all unadvanced remotes. Vamp is great against them. They have Lockdown so that's tricky, but if you play smart it seems like an even matchup. On the flip, the PU players I've played against have said from their perspective it felt hopeless, so maybe it's even better than I think.

23 Apr 2017 yads

until Scorpios comes out

That's in 4 days.

23 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

You can actually beat Scorp. I need to test it more and do a more extensive write-up, but basically you go -2 inject -1 scrubber +1 eater +2 keyhole. Use the fact that their ID is once a turn to frantic coding way more things than they can remove and keyhole them to death.

23 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

It's likely there is a skorp deck that dominates this, but I doubt it has a shot against any other competitive deck.

23 Apr 2017 emilyspine

I'm playing against this deck right now and losing. MWL Opus plz.

23 Apr 2017 Saan

I love that this is a MaxX deck that's using Frantic Coding. Fuck cards. Just fuck em.

I almost wish there was a way to get a Rebirth in here. @grogboxer was running a MaxX deck for a while that could change into Whizzard if needed against spam decks, once the rig got going. What with the ICE destruction and the R&D hammer, it's probably not needed, though. By the time you'd usually change to Whizzard, you're probably more interested in ending the game.

23 Apr 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Except we're not playing Netrunner. We're playing FCK YOU, MOTHER FCKER RUNNER! ;)

23 Apr 2017 spags

Shaper clicking MOpus, Vamping, remote locking = NPE, dull, boring, ruining the game

Anarch clicking MOpus, Vamping, remote locking = cool! Fun! Dynamic! 'Ruining the game' LOL jk jk gg wp no re

23 Apr 2017 mastergamer

I think my PU could handle this. When you Frantic Code your Levy I'll Ark it. If I see a second one I'll have your Clippy too. Don't care if you Scrub my Shocks and Snares, I will Preemptively bring them back. Attacking Same Olds is the Best form of Defence. Eater Vamp? That's when I reach for my Chiyashi. It'll be over in 6 turns.

23 Apr 2017 Frogblast

Skorpio will be a fun matchup, maybe slithly favored toward Skorpio... ?... But this deck crushes everything else. I've been playing a very similar version with Whizzard instead and MAXX. This one looks faster and better, although probably takes much more skills to play correctly. Well done TBB. Also most people have already forgotten that Rumor Mill exists.

23 Apr 2017 FightingWalloon

My version of this deck already plays the extra Eater and Keyhole because I am not as confident or skillful as Abram. I've found it very resilient and quite powerful. My luck with getting Opus down turn one is not quite a good as Abram's, but Frantic, Maxx, Inject, and I've Had Worse can dig pretty deep pretty fast.

23 Apr 2017 yog-sothothry

I love it! I was playing around with Maxx running rumour mill, cutlery, and conspiracy breakers, but I couldn't get the economy to work. Magnum opus + frantic coding is the perfect solution. Any thought to dropping down to 1 rumour mill and squeezing in some parasites?

23 Apr 2017 ericbtool

Parasites are incorrect for this deck.

24 Apr 2017 nungunz

Haven't felt that you need the Archives interface at all?

24 Apr 2017 DGB123

Thanks for posting this deck, it looks great. Just some thoughts but have you considered maybe subbing the grimoires for box-Es? The bigger hand would be useful with all the events in the deck plus you could hold 7 cards against boom decks. I guess that would involve dropping a rumor mill though or switching to some other cards such as employee strike, a shard or maybe turning wheel.

24 Apr 2017 saetzero

"this deck can eat a dick"

-bahram 2017

:P dont spread this nonsense abram, come on now

24 Apr 2017 Netrunnerunner

Welp, it was fun to play glacier for a week. Guess it's time to go back to NBN kill. sigh

24 Apr 2017 FightingWalloon

Good news is that Retrun and Keyhole rotate.

24 Apr 2017 ericbtool

Box-e not needed. Take eight.

Deck used to be one mill and a gordian because of all the expensive gates. Before that it was femme and David. That would give you strike and mill.

24 Apr 2017 Ironcache

Some thoughts after playing a list that, while fairly different, definitely has a lot of similarities:

Only 1x BO / Paperclip (and MK, to a lesser extent); fighting against anti-rush seems a little chance-based. Have you had any issues actually getting setup vs. rush?

Any thoughts on the meat kill match-ups? A fast 24/7 Boom list seems like it would be able to kill this. I'd make room for a Plascrete I think.

With the amount of self-mill in here, has Ark Lockdown never been an issue? Counter current to axe the existing RM + Ark Lockdown to hit it + the other in the heap seems like it opens the door again for Palana Caprice BS.

I think the list is almost certainly strong. But, even neglecting TD's release, I think it'll be a matter of a week or so before everyone realizes this list is still strong, and puts Caprice back in the binder.

24 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

I don't have issues with rush. I can either vamp them or crack their remote before they score more than 1 agenda. If often Frantic Coding just to mill my breakers vs rush.

24/7 is good vs this. Slot plas if you care. I'm not concerned about that deck since it can never beat Aaron Criminal realistically which is the #1 most obvious thing to play in the new meta.

Ark Lockdown has been annoying but I've yet to lose to it. If you can make a Caprice deck with room for enough currents and lockdowns to consistantly get off the line you discussed, it probably made such huge sacrifices in other areas that it can't compete with the most common strong decks (Andy and Indexing-Dash Shaper).

I don't worry about beating corner case decks that can't beat anything but me.

24 Apr 2017 Ironcache

I brought up 24/7 Boom because at an event last weekend someone did 24/7 Boom me, and I had no decent answer to it. It wasn't a formal event, so not a big deal, but it had me curious if the archetype was more in the meta than I thought.

I'm unsure Ark Lockdown is a massive sacrifice for Jinteki Caprice decks. Slotting 2 AL and 2 currents in a Caprice deck in order to answer RM Anarch lists (which seems like it would be the decks greatest weakness between that and the other decks you've mentioned) doesn't seem incredibly taxing. 4 influence and 4 deck slots is a sacrifice, no doubt, but I don't think it's so great that I wouldn't be able to function against other good lists (not to mention the cards aren't inherently bad against other lists: AL is functional against Shaper bullshit, and potentially hitting criminals 1x clip; the current could be something like scarcity to tax Aaron/Temujin).

24 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

By all means build it.

25 Apr 2017 Manu l Humain

I still a bit nervous with this deck but it's so fun to play ! Thanks.

25 Apr 2017 Manu l Humain

Not nervous, excited.

26 Apr 2017 TugtetguT

Haha this is a blast to play. The 0 - 0 concessions are real. I've played one match-up vs Skorpio where MaxX milled paperclip turn one and BO turn two, after which my opponent installed and triple-advanced Hortum on RnD and HQ. I lost that one :P Great deck.

26 Apr 2017 Frogblast

@TugtetguTI'm surprised you had fun because you clearly did not have much fun when I played Maxx against you and took 8 each turn.

26 Apr 2017 TugtetguT

@Frogblast The other side of the table eh. Feel to take your swings at me though, but maybe find a more appropriate forum :-)

26 Apr 2017 spags

No, this is good. I'm enjoying it more than reading the decklist.

29 Apr 2017 DGB123

Since the Genesis and Spin cycles will be rotating out soon, does anyone have plans for eater decks that don't use cards from these cycles? As good as vamp and keyhole are, they will soon have to be substituted. Obviously the Anarch big box includes eater support cards and there's also account siphon but I'm interested to know what else is in the card pool.

29 Apr 2017 TheBigBoy

We don't know enough about what rotation will do to theorize at all. For all we know they are reprinting cards like MtG does or. For all we know the first pack of the first new cycle will have 4 3/2s in it. There is no way to say.

29 Apr 2017 DGB123

Fair enough. One thing I will predict though is that anarchs won't get another credit denial card as powerful as vamp - the direction of travel seems to be more minor effects such as lamprey or diwan.

30 Apr 2017 DGB123

Hey BigBoy thanks again for posting this - I have used this as a template for my own Maxx eater deck but I changed a few cards. I mainly added some more ice destruction plus extra copies of eater and keyhole and I dropped a rumor mill to switch Grimoire to Box-E. I also switched a scrubber for Bhagat. I find deck building tricky but guys like you provide inspiration.

2 May 2017 Rahrhino

Played against this with my Skorp deck and the runner conceded. Although Skorp has weakened Anarch considerably I think in this match up I was never really comfortable (even though you would think this would be a very one-sided match in my favour). There are so many ways to get around Corp shinanigans here. A very formidable deck!

3 May 2017 Gorganis

@spags "this is the best runner deck in the Game"

3 May 2017 YankeeFlatline

how about Maw? 3 more creds but does more work than grimoire and gives you another angle of attack

3 May 2017 FightingWalloon

Maw does not really do much for you in this deck. It does not trigger when you use Keyhole, which is the big draw back.

3 May 2017 YankeeFlatline

but grimoire doesn't trigger when you use anything in this deck

3 May 2017 FightingWalloon

Right. Grimoire is the shortest line to +2 memory, which the deck needs to pull off its game plan. Maw will not trigger either if you are doing what the deck is designed to do.

4 May 2017 ren666

So what changes are people making for Scorp?

5 May 2017 triorph

I beat Skorp with this yesterday unchanged. You have so many outs and Skorpios is bleeding agendas trying to turn them off. I ended up losing all 3 Magnum opus and having to click for credits to get the Vamp off, but it still worked fine.

15 May 2017 kotx64

Why eater is very important ? Without keyhole , spooned , foorked and knifed eater can do nothing ? Right? ( sorry for my english...)

15 May 2017 triorph

Vamp is a huge part of this deck and Eater works with that too.

On a lesser note, eater is useful for face-checking spiky ice.

The deck also has wanton destruction as a last ditch use of eater.

16 May 2017 nungunz


Keyhole and Vamp does not access cards so Eater's downside does not matter.

You can break any ice on R&D with Eater and Keyhole will still work because it does not access cards.

Knifed, Spooned, and Forked work too because all they need is Eater to break ice subroutines.

17 May 2017 kotx64

@triorph et nungunz : thanks