personal blog update 419 [5th @ Finnish+Baltic regionals]

aksu 130

blog update portion first if you want some deck list explanation just scroll to the bottom!

I went into the weekend with no idea what decks to bring. My corp options where r+ prison, snarebears fite nite sporttimetalli and Supermodernism outfit (chose r+) and runner options where tag me zhaya, boat freedom and reg419. At 11pm on last day I just ended up throwing dice and let fate pick my decks. I think I ended up with the best choices. while I dislike playing against (and with) the r+ deck It probably had the highest chance of reaching my goal of getting into the four player top cut. 419 is also just super solid and I have played reg419 for some time and have gotten comfortable with the deck.

After getting some sleep and ubering to the venue with the Finnish group the tournament started:

First round 3-3 corp split against Ahto who was on a weird brainchip hosiko and some style of fast outfit. R+ game ended after a decent grind I got a value boom off and destroyed 2 mad dashes that could have sealed the game. I also got a 18 credit market forces off witch was nice. 419 got off to a bit of a slow start in witch time my opponent had scored off 2 counter atlas and a hostile. So right as I got into the control of the game it was over with 2 regulatory captures.

Second game was against another Helsinki weekly game night regular nacho who was on his own mixture of snacs with a core dmg package and a regularish good stuff padma deck. I had a huge advantage going in with good knowledge on my opponents deck. While I played decks that I don't typically play on game nights. R+ got the typical ending when nacho interacted with my deck and got boomed on turn three. 419 vs core dmg snacs was intresting but in the end I got the economic advantage with DooF and managed to maintain it for the win.

Third game was against a William who was traveling form UK. They where on similar reg419 and a interesting fast advance regenesis RH. Same story with the r+ game, HHN > into boom on turn 3-5. In 419 vs RH my unity got destroyed early but I managed to keep the archives clear and get enough accesses from centrals to win.

Fourth game I made a mistake and agreed to ID with Leopold who ended up winning the whole tournament. I had not noticed that my SoS was reasonably lower than the 5th place player Iceprisma(I also tought dumbly that Iceprisma had to win 2 games instead of just winning one 241 and). In the end Iceprisma won and managed to beat my SoS by a bit. Worst part is that during the boat voyage over to Finland I got to play the games against Leopold and won the both games against him (I know that this does not mean I would have won the games in tournament but it stings a bit still).

Still I am really happy with 5th place finish in my first regional level tournament. I will put my consolidation prize game mat to good use in upcoming tournaments!

And for the decklist. It is a basic reg419 with couple of pet card inclusions falsified credentials did me lots of work farming aumakua counters and letting me get informed runs when it mattered. Never got to install cezve but it would have been helpfull agaisnt Leopolds PE list so I do not know if I will cut it.

PS. Thanks for the organizers and all the players!

19 Feb 2023 Jinsei

Those were some great boat games, definitely could have gone like that on the day as well.

It was really nice to meet you, hope we get to play at a tournament again soon :)