Psychological Suicide

Exo 355

Inspired from Mandatory Suicide made by vvribeiro. Making everything to kill the runner. Keep over advancing Cerebral Overwriter even if the runner don't fall for it, Bullfrog and Port Anson Grid is there to make sure he's going to take it. Cerebral Cast helps you to get the kill in one way or another.

13 Oct 2014 Diegofsv

I like this.....a lot.

13 Oct 2014 Exo

Thank you :)

13 Oct 2014 Exo

Whirlpool could also be a very strong add on. You put it in front of a Bullfrog and move it right on the Cerebral Overwriter.

14 Oct 2014 Badeesh

Great idea. Are the gifts and the hedgies enough bucks?

14 Oct 2014 Exo

I think yes. There are 9 cheap ICE(Snowflake, Yagura, Bullfrog) on the 14. It should be enough.

15 Oct 2014 yojimbosteel

I'm really liking this :) I'm going to give it a try at my local card shop.

16 Oct 2014 CodeMarvelous

does it work?

17 Oct 2014 Exo

@CodeMarvelous I didn't try it out yet. I need to wait until Wednesday to get Up and OverĀ­. I just made the deck rapidly after seeing the idea of vvribeiro and it turns out that people liked the idea.

@Volstruis Let me know your experience with it :)

17 Oct 2014 Exo

I am also working on a new version of it more focused around Tori Hanzo. Mamba, Caprice Nisei and House of Knives can work together with Ms Hanzo to make a deadly scoring remote.

17 Oct 2014 Badeesh

Will do. I'm pretty sure Nisei is a kill-deck, I'm gonna try drop down to 9 ice to room up for more hostile assets, and drop to 1 scorch to free up room for more influence. I love the Bullfrog, Port Anson combo and it makes Nisei come alive imo. All the other options here provide a framework for a hugely taxing kill deck.

17 Oct 2014 Badeesh

Sorry to double post. The extra influence is for Isabel McGuire's to get the bullfrogs back onto centrals and a third overwriter.

17 Oct 2014 Tr33beard

I actually really like a 1 or 2 of Tenma Line here to put the Bullfrog back onto a server that the Runner might actually run. Any thought to adding Labyrinthine Servers?

17 Oct 2014 Exo

@Volstruis I am not so sure about dropping a Scorch been a good idea because it would make Cerebral Cast a lot less significant and by the same time Scorch itself. BUT I do like A LOT you idea about Isabel McGuire's so I am really torn apart about what to do here.

@Tr33beard I am not so much convinced about Tenma Line because you'll need to put another ICE instead of the Bullfrog. Labyrinthine Servers as been put into another version of the deck but I think that it weaken the structure of the deck because it's a easy 3 pointer to steal. Using only 1 could be good thought but this agenda setup is so mean that I don't know if I really want to change it for something more risky.

17 Oct 2014 Exo

@Volstruis I want to see the deck you're building you'll be working on. :)

By that time I posted my Nisei Division based around Tori Hanzo. I think it's going to be pretty solid. Here's the link if you want to look at it:

22 Oct 2014 weepinggorilla

Has anyone tested this thing yet? Whassadeal?

6 Apr 2015 Ineti

Thanks for posting this. I like this deck! I took it and swapped in the new Jinteki ID and Cortex Lock for the Komainus. I think either the Brewery or Greenhouse work nicely with this build. Must test.