Komainu 5[credit]

Ice: Sentry - AP
Strength: 1
Influence: 4

When the Runner encounters this ice, it gains X "[subroutine] Do 1 net damage." subroutines for the remainder of this run. X is equal to the number of cards in the grip.

Illustrated by Liiga Smilshkalne
Decklists with this card

Honor and Profit (hap)

#17 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Pronounced: Ko-ma i-nu


  • can deliver crippling net damage if facechecked
  • combos with many different cards to flatline the runner regardless of how many cards in grip
  • can be taxing to run with full grip
  • can become even more taxing if runner increases their grip size


  • 5 for 1 str is a prime target for Parasite
  • won't ever flatline the runner alone
  • does nothing to a runner with an empty grip
  • brain damage slightly anti-combos with this as brain damage makes this no more dangerous, and less taxing

Notable interactions

  • In Jinteki: Personal Evolution, the runner can never continue past this ice with zero cards left as accessing any Agenda will then flatline them
  • If runner cannot break this and you have a House of Knives scored, you can spend a HoK token to do a net damage during the ice encounter to flatline the runner
  • Fetal AI can be safely scored behind this if the runner can't break it
  • If bypassed - eg from being targeted by Femme Fatale - runner can now pass this ice for free as it never gains any subroutines. Although, Chum in front of this will fire if this is bypassed, even with no subroutines.

Final Thoughts

  • possibly the most vicious ice to punish early game face checking, there is a reason it costs 4 influence
  • great in Jinteki decks that are looking to tax the runner, and/or flatline the runner
  • be sure to include combo cards in your deck, then you'll often be able to flatline runners who don't respect Komainu
  • when choosing the rest of your ice, watch out for vulnerability to Parasite
(Up and Over era)
What makes this card amazing is that it forces the runner to play in a direction that is counter-productive. When you run against Jinteki you want to have a big hand. Komainu makes you pay for it. It looks like it gets useless if you run with an empty hand. But indeed, it is the most dangerous thing you can do against Jinteki. —
Point of interest, both Komainu and Femme Fatale's abilities trigger on encounter. Komainu would still get subroutines equal to the runners grip and the runner would have wasted Femme's ability. —
Also Chum into Komainu is a good call. No more breaking all but one or two of the subroutines to save some credits. Though Chum won't fire if there are no subroutines to break. —
Ignore both of those, upon reading the FAQs for a different clarification I came across my mistake, sorry. —
Beginners Question: Is Komainus treat a subroutine, or not? Just lost a game as Con because we handeld it like a subroutine. But this would totally negate the card, right? —
@Bentman, "When the runner encounters..." is not a subroutine. It's just card text, so it can't be broken. However, it can result in Komainu having subroutines, which can be broken. —
I'll just add that GS Shrike M2 is a pretty solid counter to this guy. —
Does Hunting grounds work against this? —
It totally does, and makes the Corp very sad. —
the pronunciation is closer to ko - my - nu —
You know, for the longest time I though this was a two-headed dog rather than two separate dogs... —