No Dive Sable - 4th at EMEA 2023

RotomAppliance 2581

This is the Sable list I took to EMEA this year. This was heavily based on the list published by the Process, previously published by Qtm, but with the Deep Dive removed, as I don't seem to get along with the card.

I had been going to play 419, but quite late on realised Sable was outperforming him in testing, which oddly came as a shock - I think it's ingrained in my mind that 419 is always the best Crim ID since Leela rotated.

The list itself is a very bread and butter run based Crim that wants to pressure centrals and make value runs for as long as possible. A lot of Corps don't want to ice R&D and archives early, but can be severely punished for leaving them open, depending on what cards you draw early. The draw package is great and Nuka exceeded my expectations, as I'd always considered Diesel to be the better card. Notably, it allowed me to steal an 8 advanced City Works project in round 7 of Swiss by installing Nuka, using twice, then running the remote, with Dreamnet drawing the crucial 10th card into hand.

The list is undisciplined and has 47 cards - maybe I'd cut the Carpe Diems. I added Flip Switch late to give a semblance of counterplay against Stavka/Hafrun blowouts, as I expected a fair bit of rush Ob and my teammates were testing it, but it was actually useful against HB, allow me to facecheck early with Bravado against both Bridgeman and Sokka234, while avoiding Hagen and Gatekeeper fires respectively.

The deck does well against NBN Assets and the single remote rush decks, and has decent game against rushy lists out of OB and HB. Sports probably isn't a great matchup, but felt pretty uncommon, leaving heavy ice decks as the main problem for this deck, as the breakers are kind of bad when really put to the test. There is very little Glacier in the meta at the moment, though I was relieved to dodge the Aginfusion Keeling Prison lists, which seem like a nightmare for this.

Overall the deck won 6 games and lost 3 in the tournament. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks to all who organised and ran this event, and see you all at Interconts!

21 Aug 2023 ChiptheRipper

It was wonderful to play against you RotomAppliance! The Nuka+DreamNet play was one of the sickest plays to finish off a symphony of runs and your ability to always extend the game before the point of criticality was masterful.

Congratulations on your placing!