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anarchomushroom 437

me shuffling back more Market Forces and Dragos

What is there to say about this that hasn't already been said. It's the same R+ Prison from UK Nats but with -1 Restore -1 Boom +2 Simulation Reset.

In the run up to the event, our testing group was somewhat indecisive about what corp to bring so at the last minute I said fuck it and played R+ with Sim Reset, something I'd been testing since Parhelion dropped. Originally I played it over the Restore, but liked it enough to cut a Boom for the second one.

Essentially Restore does one thing very very well and very reliably, however Sim Reset's ceiling is way higher. Sometimes it's another copy of Attitude Adjustment, other times it gets rid of cards in your hand that you don't want (Hedge Funds, HHNs vs rich runners, a dead la costa) and get back spent tag punishment or Dragos. If you're feeling brave/don't think your opponent respects you, throw an agenda in there and just hang tight until you draw an Attitude Adjustment.

The list was great on the day, only dropping one game all event against percomis in the cut. I'm one of the absolute sickos who really enjoys playing as and against this deck and I'm glad I got to take it for one last spin before it (probably) gets the swift and righteous judgement from the SBT.

Thank you to all my opponents for the great games, Ysengin, Orb, Kror, and nbkelly for the amazing work running, judging, and streaming, and thank you to Pigeon Fighters for being great people to test with and for providing support and banter on the day of the tournament. It was a great event and made me more hype to play more Netrunner this year.