My Date With a Rude Girl

Jandersoncad 1015

The inspiration of the deck came from here:

So this is an updated version of Rude Girl. An Au Revoir deck out of Chaos Theory that is slim to the ground and super fast. Au Revoir is one of my favorite archetypes and I will be sad when pieces rotate out. So play it to the fullest.

Some new toys: Maven - Dear Lord!!!!!! This card with the Au Revoir engine!!! I've had strength 10 Mavens vs Blue Sun and they just get sad. Really most of the time you only need to get to 6 but you can reach for the stars.

Savant - So once you get the rig set up this guy is at str 5. You know what that hits. Turning, Swordsman, and Hortum. The things you can't break with an AI breaker.

Bloo Moose - This card is straight busted. It essentially reads every card will later on give you 2 dollars.

Daredevil - Now this is a really cool card and I'll explain it actually in the section below...

Shell/Matchup Choices: Console (Daredevil/Astrolabe) - So the console you pack matters on your meta. If you are expecting more asset spam then go astrolabe. But if your expecting more glacier which is what at least I've been playing against use Daredevil. Gaining 3 credits and drawing 2 cards for a click after they have double iced up is a big deal. Plus in those matchups you will more likely need the extra MU to strengthen Savant.

Fast Advance vs General Hate (Clot + Sac Con vs Employee Strike) - This deck can be hurt by fast advance not giving you the crucial turns to set up. For this I usually pack clot. Though if you feel that your meta is not on Fast Advance it can be a good thing to switch one Clot and one Sac Con for 2 Employee Strike.

I never drop Feedback Filter. The day you drop it and you will face prison and cry. With it you can essentially never die unless they set up ridiculously fast and then just access there whole deck. Aaron Marron has replaced the NACH that was originally in here but you can totally drop one in I've been back and forth.

The deck is extremely silly and fun. Try it out and let me know what you think.

31 Jul 2017 FreqKing

Nice job, I love this archetype too.