Flight of the Musaazi 3.6

CephalopodWizard 161

This is close to the final form of my attempt to use the entire virus breaker suite. Musaazi has some obvious shortcomings as a killer. Mostly the 1 strength. But we can rebuild it. We have the technology. Specifically, we have 2 copies of Dedicated Processor. Musaazi with a 2C:boost 4 is one powerful killer! Pelangi is also an incredible aggression enabler, since Yusuf and Pelangi can get you through most gear checks the corp has to offer. For the spectacularly aggressive players, this deck has an incredibly inexpensive minimum viable product. For 2 credits and 2 cards, you have virus generation and 2/3rds of a breaker suite! For those later game matches, 3x Virus Breeding Grounds will help you avoid lockout , and Knived (with a little help from Pelangi) can help you keep problem ice off the board. The Trickster Taka needs to become a 3rd hacktivist though. You don't really need to activate the 3 virtual resource requirement on utae, and those companions keep peer pressuring me into making bad decisions. A more detailed version 3.7 of this deck is coming, along with a youtube video. Stay tuned!