The Best Khan Deck of SC Season 2020

Sanjay 3505

I went 2 and 2 with this deck against some pretty good players.

The gameplan is to do normal Crim stuff and while you are doing it, you install tiny icebreakers like Faerie, Passport, and Tycoon and then sell them to Aesop for a profit.

This is the more spendy version on influence. You could not play Reaver, which is honestly kind of a luxury. You could play Hostage if you have something else to do with your influence. But honestly, 12 is just so much with all these great Criminal cards.

I will happily cede the title of best Khan Deck of SC Season 2020, but I will not change my deck title under any circumstances.

Love you!

22 Mar 2020 Uruz

Mad genius sanjay strikes again!

23 Mar 2020 mcg

Utter madness. I love it.

28 Mar 2020 boreira


29 Mar 2020 themeanlady

Sanjay, you are the best <3

30 Mar 2020 Sanjay

For what it is worth, the version I'm currently playing is:

  • Minus: 1 Reaver, 1 Embezzle, 1 Boomerang, 1 Aesop's Pawnshop
  • Plus: 1 Hostage, 3 Mining Accident
30 Mar 2020 Longi

I am glad to see there is still someone who has not give up on this ID. Nice job, will try!

30 Mar 2020 Cpt_nice

I see Khan, I press like

30 Mar 2020 @Bookkeeper

We played the first round in Brno Diversified Portfolio and I hope it wasn't my wild guess of what you were playing (not Khan, as it turned out) that lead to this... ;) I mean, wow, it looks... playable?!