NEXT ASA (Oslo SC, 4th)

Kamalisk 435

Firstly the name is because it was originally using NEXT ice, then I switched to grail and never changed the name, also confused those who saw the deck name...

Made 2nd during swiss, lost to M4xx, never really got started, rezzed cards I shouldn't have. Won the other 3 games, even after one game lost 6 pointers early, it locked the runner out strongly enough to score out.

Otherwise got set up quickly, usually my remote ended up with 4-6 cards in it. The wisps oddly never fired, but the runner never usually contested my remotes due to the large number of cards in it.

Killed a reckless Wu who ran into merlin with 4 net damage and 3 cards in hand. (they had cyber cypher on another server, oops!)

Mulligan for breaker bay mainly, with ASA can install it with an asset quickly, or if not can defend adonis with some ice. Empty your hand as much as you can, leave HQ less defended, and fill back up with UVC as needed.

The obvious FA using Calibration testing and an agenda with ASA, which ideally costs nothing to rez with BBG.

Grail ice is super taxing, is useful against the new animal break resources (put end the run in the middle of the subs as you can choose the order). Once you have several grail ice in play, just hold onto a couple in your hand.

Mother goddess and turing for rushing (ideally ikawah). Virus suite for those turtles, and architect because if that fires its super duper awesome.

The wisp is intended to punish those who get breakers quickly, and to open scoring windows, even against rumor mill. With this and Ash, running twice is not usually an option once they need the Wisp rezzed.