Joey Spam (1st 5-0 Chatteris SC, 1st 3-0 Norwich GNK)

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Copy of Joey's NEH that won the recent Aldershot SC:

I just switched an Exploda for a Character Assassination. Don't do that, it's a bad idea.

At Chatteris SC (04/02) beat Eater/Keyhole Maxx, Adam and regular Andy in Swiss (IDed 4th round), same Maxx again and a DLR/Source Andy in the cut.

Following day, Norwich GNK beat Hayley, Leela and Maxx.

Install three things, use Jeeves click to play Friends, install two more things. Score 4/2s off the board with Jeeves if they lose the will to live and give up on checking facedowns.

7 Feb 2017 Critical Joe

MaxX was heavily based on Burning Chrome, at the SC anyway. I'll put the deck up soon.

Great games and a nice deck. Thanks for not mentioning the Queen's Gambit foolishness :-P