Strictly worse Titan (Norwich GNK 2022)

Havvy 304

Knowing I had to play a few face to face games, I had ran out of inspiration for corp decks. I was mostly playing Fake Titan in Outfit, which was effectively but not that interesting either. Spectating a few Jinteki games, I spotted a Jemison Fast Advance deck in the wild and the lines looked really interesting, so I went for it!

Gameplan - Ideally getting early Hostile / Standoff scored, with lightly protected centrals. You want to ramp up and cheat Atlas tokens. In the ideal world, RLC into Oberth install, killing of a Hostile is a double advanced Atlas, which is huge.

If you get to the position you have two lots of over-advanced Atlas, it tokens can give you the win typically in the next two turns.

On the night, it lost 2 games (Clot Wu - always a tough matchup, and Hoshiko losing on gamepoint next turn), and won vs Tao with Clot.

Would I recommend this? Honestly - I don't know. Most my matches have been vs Clot Shaper, and that is a tough matchup. I feel both my piloting and the deck needs a little tweak to get the most out of it. I strongly feel this has potential, and has the greatest potential to break Clot locks too.

17 Jun 2022 maninthemoon

Love seeing FA Jemison.

What was the game plan for Melpert Data Vault? Pull FA tool? Did you have enough money 8 econ seems light :)

17 Jun 2022 Havvy

Thanks! Econ seemed fine - the ICE is pretty light, and the FA tools are pretty cheap too.

Malapert felt a bit of a disappointment, HOWEVER, I need to replay this list with more focus on jamming stuff in a remote, which means Rashida probably sees play again.

The ICE will probably need a rework too - BC / Sandstone / Afshar / Winchester felt good, but I'm not convinced on Gatekeeper and Cobra. I think this deck benefits from some ETR ICE, but I found this deck also built up Bad Pub pretty nicely too.