Boat Hoshiko (22nd @ Worlds 2022/1st @ CoS 2022)

Vale 104

There are other versions of Boat Hoshiko that are better than the ones I played, and I encourage you to source those instead.

This is the version of the list I played in the main event at Worlds. The CoS variation had:

-3 Fermenter

-1 Simulchip

+1 Liberated Account

+1 Moshing

+2 Career Fair

It went 3-2 in CoS and 2-3 in the Worlds main event. The archetype is capable of much better, I'm just a lousy pilot in the end I think.

For shoutouts and congratulations, check out the writeup for my Ob list from this event. I'm only publishing this list for the sake of the netrunnerdb claim, this one is unremarkable and had an unremarkable performance overall.