Swiftper 1.0 - 20th @ Worlds 2020

rotage 2901


This is the Blue Sun list I used at Worlds 2020 where I finished 20th, it Went 4-3 on the day with 2 flatlines (1 snare with 2 cards in hand, and the other where I played a lot of punitives to kill a Geist who had no cards left)

The list is similar to most of my other Blue Sun lists with a plan of playing aggressively to score out and punishing the runner if they interact with me in a way I do not approve of (i.e stealing my agendas!)

Card Choices

Agendas - I had a choice of two suites one being the 3xSDS, 3xCity Works and 2xHostile Takeover or 3xGFI, 3xCyberdex, 3xAtlas. I opted for the latter as I wanted to force the runner to steal 4 agendas to win the game, also I wasn't using any rigshooting I didn't see the value in SDS
Argus Crackdown - I saw an Outfit list published by CTZ who had this card in it, I tested it and I liked it, It was included to help with punitive and to help stop Apocalypse
Crisum Grid - I figured most decks would either be Criminal or some kind of Anarch Apoc so having 3 Crisum would be good to stop these rude things occurring
Snare - This was was the big debate, I chatted to Swiftie and the other people in our testing group about what to use the 6 spare influence on (the 9 being GFI and Chiyashi) and Swiftie suggested Snare, I tried this and I liked it the most. I opted for 2 snare and 1 archived memories for some flex


So the deck was fun to play and worked as expected, sadly the Argus Crackdown wasn't that useful so I'd likely drop it for something else, maybe a 2nd Audicity/Premptive or something else spicy.

Thanks to all my opponents on the day I had a lot of fun

Thanks to the testing group (Steffmonkey, Hyperbolic_Mess, Rusefus and Swiftie)

Finally big thanks to Nisei for keeping the game going and running an amazing Worlds again!

My Runner was the Hayley list published by CritHid20 it went 5-1 https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/61091/shaperisbad-12th-at-ea-continentals-