Patchwork Family Sunny (1st at Munich GNK)

Dr.2Late 446

Hey Peeps,

I liked the Mum for a while, so I wanted to give her another Spin - what better time than at any GNK.

I liked dreamnet in the new Anarch I played at German Nats and it fits naturally in Sunny. You want the draw and you want the money, even better when you get it for free with Jack Sinclair and farm a Data Sucker and Turtle Counter on top of it xD.

The Patchwork Buffer Drive Combo seems nice to pay for the more expensive installs or just earn some more money on Gambles or make Data Folding less of money dump. With supplies stolen from the Office and Earthrise Hotels as well as Dreamnet you should have the draw to install at least 1 Card each turn for 2 less. I Think it would be good to find room for the 3rd buffer Drive as the combo is really only great when the card you trash ends up on the bottom of the stack for later use, otherwise you have to face hard decisions sometimes ;-) and you also never run out of steam - kindof...

Link options arent great atm, so i just put in Sportshoppers, it can help vs Punitive if you havent found the Critic yet. I wanted to get the link up for the Black and White Hat Events . cause you really dont want to pay alot to get their effect to work - also Office Supplies gets better once you have 4 Link total. Plus The Sec chips work as a kind of mini Dean lister for either amakua or all your breakers then.

The goal of Beth and Upya is to get you to a 5 Click Power turn looking like this: Click 1 Black Hat Click 2 Run r&D see 3 Cards plus maybe turning wheel Click 3 White Hat look at corps Hand shuffle non Agendas back in Click 4 Run HQ Steal all agendas in Hand Click 5 Run R&D again - see 3 fresh cards

It might need a lot of money so better try to have a Paycheck ready for your Employer to get some money back on the go...

Click 6 Go home to your Kids

So long and thanks for all the Fish!

Probably not the most competitive Deck but I really enjoyed playing it.

P.S. Thats the tournament played with it:

25 Jan 2020 Shorty

Fun deck, even losing against it felt fine. Milfmom is the best!

27 Jan 2020 DL7RRK

I did not realize Endless EULA gets broken by Sherman for 2 Creds only. But that experience was fun.

8 Feb 2020 Dr.2Late

Also for me DL7RRK ;-) and Shorty -0- that 3 agenda HQ after white hatting - xD

31 Jan 2023 RCG

Dear Late, enjoy your extra Deckslot.