MAWHAMMER 2: The sequel no-one expected (6th @ Sheffield Reg

HiddenAway 1009

Edward Kim comes back for another bite of the cherry! Now that NISEI have stopped us Crowdfunding our decklists, we need to find alternative uses for 9 (NINE) influence!

I had a moment of Emergent Creativity and ran 2 in the deck at one point. The problem is they can get stuck if you aren't careful (you're aiming to bin the bin breakers or Maw for Maw). So I dropped to one and never found it again. However, the extra influence went on a card that some never expected. Enter Sneakdoor Beta.

Unless you are unlucky and mill both in an inject, your opponent may not consider this line until it's too late. Just hammer HQ, add Bhagat pressure and start worrying them until they commit more ICE to HQ. Then, install the back door and go through Archives!

In the last iteration of the deck, HQ became too heavily iced to make Bhagat a threat so this turns it back on and forces corps to defend archives and that means less ICE elsewhere. Especially good if you start Mawing cards away as well.

I think the deck has potential. Sadly, the pilot was not with it and the deck only went 2-2 (the Crowdfunding deck went 4-0 and only lost in the cut). Both losses were flatlines. As it turns out, faceplanting Blue Sun with Chiyashi and only 3 cards/9 credits hurts (I had an IHW but Aki managed to miss it in the first shot of damage). I ran out of money against Gagarin after having to trash 2 Urban Renewals and was killed despite being 6-0 up. I beat Titan and then BABW after managing to trash 2 Hedge Funds with Bhagat.

Changes to make:

Emergent Creativity can be something else. I like the idea of double Security Testing for extra Econ, particularly in this asset meta we're in. Means dropping some draw or a single copy of The Turning Wheel (pro strat: install Turning Wheel, then run R&D/HQ for a guaranteed agenda. I swear it happened every game...)

Salsette Slums feels unnecessary, despite it working with Maw (check the FAQ). It also dodges Hostile Infrastructure! May be worth a cut for an extra Daily Casts. Or, cut the Q-Coherence Chip, which was an emergency backup since Sneakdoor switches off Data Folding.

At least I don't have to worry about carrying the cursed goblet trophy around...

Many thanks to paulyg for hosting the event!