Lunatic CI V2.0 - 34th at Worlds 2017 (7-1 Record)

rotage 2901

This is the deck I took to Worlds 2017 and went 7-1 with it. It had 6 flatlines and one game where I scored out and one loss

The principle is straightforward rush and if the runner steals agendas then kill them with a combination of Punitive Counterstrike and Neural Emp

You can use MCA Austerity to either fast advance or use it to help with the kill, either more money to land punitive or to recur Neural EMP/Punitive

19 Nov 2017 willsta

RIP o2 shortage

19 Nov 2017 rotage

@willstaSorry slots are tight and I dropped Biotic Labors too :(

20 Nov 2017 jrda25

Brought this to our Nats with -1 Helheim Servers +1 Best Defense.:D Was able to both score out & surprise flatline great runners.