Surfer Wu

Frost 506

My take on the surfer wu deck making the rounds at the moment. I brought this to 8th at Aldershot regional, going 3-2 in the swiss, and then losing to okkdoko in the cut on Gagarin.

The deck can get taxed out by glacier decks in the late game, and Falsified Credentials helps fight that.

Citadel Sanctuary helps against Punitive matchups to let you play Stimhacks in a pinch, is strong against Data Raven decks looking to play a remote game, but most of all is useful against Gagarin decks — it gives you an additional tag clear to increase the number of Zealous Judges they need to rez at once, and also protects against Urban Renewal + Contract Killer.

If I were to make further tweaks, it would probably be to find space for a third Clone Chip and a second Flame-out. The times this deck loses to Gagarin are when they pressure you into running earlier and force you to find all of econ (Rezekis), breakers, and Misdirection. Flame-out gives you an additional out of just finding Misdirection with Wu and having it be trashed rather than removed from the game.