Nothing But Net!!!!!!

CodeMarvelous 20014

The idea behind this deck is to use persistent sniping and shut downing of breakers to be able to calmly rush out agendas behind ice.

Wormhole should only be used after advancing and is meant to lock them out of a server after you've gotten rid of their decoder, or tax them to the tenth degree. My favorite use of it is to trigger neural katana after their mimic is out.

I chose Batty over caprice because chances are the server he is protecting will have at least one ETR subroutine and then I can also have the flexibility to use his ability to do net damage if I so choose.

Chronos project is the game closer, if you can toss their best cards in the trash and then remove them from the game, you have complete control.

Other than that House of Knives is a no brainer and so are the cheap ETR ice and the return of the Inazuma komainu combo.

Take care and shut down all the things.

  • CodeMarvelous

8 Aug 2015 whirrun

I've seen a couple of these lists now, has anyone considered using Gemini? It's good for sniping net damage and unlike Cortex Lock it doesn't lose relevance in the late game.

9 Aug 2015 miaxari

I have considered it myself, not sure if I will though, issue is that it's expensive to get it to work... I think something missing from these decks is Mamba as its more reliable and high strength.

10 Aug 2015 WardOfTheWoods

@sydan Mamba and Gemini are infinitely more expensive than Cortex Lock. Doing the psi game adds onto Mamba's cost over time and it's not worth it. Same with Gemini. You're paying 3 EVERY time the Runner goes through it just to do a single net damage. You don't need to do damage during the run really. The most important part is that they are running and you can then EMP and Power Shutdown afterwards. The only reason you would want to snipe cards mid run is if you plan on killing them with a Junebug or some other kill option.