Tech cards are bad (1st at PaxU/Fake Nats)

osclate 687

No Self-Growth here! I don't like tech cards. Hurting my overall game plan just to win one matchup didn't seem worth it to me, so I figured if I encountered Liza I'd just go fast and hope for the best. Spoilers: it worked!

This Argus went undefeated at East Coast Championships at Pax Unplugged (aka Fake Nats). My first real game after my bye was vs Jesse V. on Liza. I landed an Econ Warfare/HHN turn two to keep him honest, but he had the tech in hand. So I rushed out instead. Scored an Atlas with a counter, a never-advanced Atlas, and then install-single-advance GFI before he got a breaker down. Atlas counter for Audacity and that game was over!

My other two games in Swiss were vs Reg Val. I was able to HHN multiple times and draw for HPT in both games. IDed with Jason Deng round five and somehow ended up top of Swiss!

First game in the cut was also Reg Val, and I scored out.

Game three in the cut was vs. Jason on Freedom. We joked beforehand that this side of the match wouldn't go to time (his corp was a grindy PE), and yet... we ended tied on five points, which was a win for me because I was higher seed.

In the grand finals I lost a very slow, grindy game to PE, and then we were kicked out of the venue, which closed at midnight. After walking ten minutes to the attached hotel, we found a tiny table in a packed room to finish the tournament. My goal was to win as fast as possible since our previous two games were so long... so I scored out in 8 minutes. Hostile Takeover, Atlas with a counter, GFI, and I'm suddenly on six points with a counter to fetch the last Hostile Takeover. Held my breath while he dug through R&D for two more agendas, but my luck held out and I became the Fake National Champion!

My only spicy card is Tithonium, and I love it though I never rezzed it on the day. However, it would've won me the game if Liza had contested my remote on click 3 instead of click 4. Instead, the Border Control did the trick.

Anyway, I love Argus, and I love Netrunner! Thank you to DanB for organizing this lovely tournament and to Nisei for keeping this great game alive.

10 Dec 2019 thebigunit3000

A rock-solid deck for a rock-solid player. Congratulations, and great writeup!

10 Dec 2019 meta4

I've been working on a similar deck, but in Titan instead of Argus. What do you think of getting 2 extra influence and more Atlas counters instead of Argus' ability? It means you have to play fewer "search" cards like fast track and CV, and I am using Snare! as a pseudo-Argus' ability. It's not as consistent, but it is much more surprising for the runner.

Also, I've been playing with 1 Thoth, which I think compares favorably to Data Raven cause it hurts way more to face check. I'm on 12 ice instead of 14, did you feel like you could cut down on ice a little? I find I don't have to ice centrals much cause the runner is scared to run and spend resources on potentially useless accesses.

12 Dec 2019 charlie_xavier


14 Dec 2019 lodger

Kudos, Laura!

16 Dec 2019 osclate

Thanks, friends!

@meta4 That sounds like fun! I think that the main benefit of Argus is the fear. People play more cautiously, which allows you to rush harder. But Atlas counters are great, so I see the appeal of Titan.

18 Dec 2019 Vortilion

It's like a curse. If I play against Argus its unbeatable. If I play Argus myself its like the easiest to beat Corp. :-(