Your Digital Rotom'zmari6 - 3rd Can East Nats

is44ru 271

No time for deckbuilding nor testing

I just stole rotomappliance's list from EMEA because I liked the simplicity of it.


I swapped Hedges for Your Digital life.

It's OK, it helps to recover from low creds and can sometimes get you big bucks with Rashida + Spin.

The Plan

With my lack of testing and practice, my objective was to be top half and get close to the top cut.

What happened?

Azmari is a bit hard, because runners have to figure out which type I play, and the game is usually over too late.

In the cut, there's no surprises so it's harder to do your things.

I lost a game to Chromatically in swiss and one against sadstug on camera in the cut. Andrej will publish it soon™️.


I would like to thank my opponents: Hany, Izzy, meleas, Marc-André, sadstug and Chromatically.

Thanks to Andrej, Mattie, Patrick and Jon for making sure this weekend was great for everyone!

Always Be Running!