Hasty CI (6th Place at Yellow King SC)

CrimsonWraith 3614

Took a break from yellow to get back to my Cerebral Imaging roots and finished 6th at a local store championship. My only loss was to an Adam deck in which Neutralize All Threats' extra accesses and The Source's additional advancement requirement were too much for me to overcome with all three Hasty Relocations buried in the final nine cards of R&D. I was most proud of beating a Nexus Andy deck that had The Source on the table the entire game. Used Biotic Labor in addition to the standard Hasty combo to get an extra advancement on there. If you're unfamiliar with the basic combos for this deck, be sure to check out thebigunit3000's detailed rundown on his deck (listed in the "derived from" field for this deck).

I played against two Hayleys in my last store championship and Colorado is very green right now (9/12 top four finishers have been Shapers thus far), so I added Ark Lockdown to deal with Clot as necessary. Turned out to be a wasted card slot, I never saw a Sac Con on the day, so Cyberdex Trial would have been good enough by itself. I'm playing 2x Scarcity because getting nailed with Employee Strike feels really bad. Same reasoning goes for Crisium Grids against Siphons and Vamps.

Changed up the agenda suite from the original to run 3x GFI. I'm pretty attached to scoring out the 5/3 with double Shipment from SanSans via a scored Efficiency Committee and ran into too many occasions where both GFIs were stolen and I had to score four two-pointers. At one point in testing, I was running 3x Jacksons, but I felt Crisium was more vital to the deck than Jackson. Cut down to 1x Jackson and added in a Preemptive Action to help with the loss of some recursion. Still lots of optimization and tweaking that can be done with this archetype, but it's definitely fun to play. Not nearly as strong as CI7, but not as migraine-inducing either.