Built To Blast (Jam & Have Fun) (5-0 at 2021 Hungarian Nats)

vesper 228

Thanks to Gaxeco for inspiration, this small remix of his lunar glass cannon is quite fun to play and did carry me to a neat 6th spot by frying (almost) every single runner it encountered.

I really enjoy cards that flatline runners, so there's an extra helping of those.

The smaller size and the six agendas are there to make your life easier, while you install-advance-advance every single turn - either to make money or to smash the system-smashers.

Clearinghouse after a sweet Cerebral Overwrite is a thing, do not discount either of those cards.

You might even try to score out, but mostly to either rez your expensive ICE (even if the runner grabs your agenda) or to rig-shoot a bit (likewise).

Alternative builds are definitely possible, e.g. with Neurospike instead of all those traps - but then again, what's the fun of not using any traps in a Corp deck? ;-)

Big thanks to Necro for organizing and to all my opponents for fun games! Finally, congrats to Odol for a great run!

28 Nov 2021 DonLoverGate

What if runners falsify?

28 Nov 2021 vesper

@DonLoverGate - hey, thanks for the question!

You overwrite the trap with another card OR you overwrite the agenda with another card and you SpinDo it into R&D, if/when necessary.

28 Nov 2021 Longi

Hey Vesper, nice deck. What about those Archers? Did you actually sack 5/3s to rez them?

28 Nov 2021 vesper

Hey '@Longi - thanks for the question!

In general Archers are fodder for Send the Message (together with Pharos, if need be) - but if you want to add 2xHostile Takeover and 3 other cards to reach 49 cards, that could work. And yes, actually, I did sack an SDS to an Archer rez to make sure that one of my opponents couldn't get through in a crucial moment (the Runner was on 6 points and I was not taking any chances).

28 Nov 2021 valerian32


29 Nov 2021 Cpt_nice

Really cool deck!