American Psi

greyfield 3915

With Fumiko out, use Marcus on a Crick sub. If you win the psi game, you do 1 meat damage and install Marcus with the Crick and use him on the Crick sub. If you win the psi game, you do 1 meat damage and...

16 Nov 2016 Krams

It's such a weird idea to use Batty to reinstall himself, I love it!
Does he enter Archives before the resolution of his ability ends? In other words: Can you re-install the same copy of the card that you've fired?

16 Nov 2016 MrAaronSA

Oh god what a terrible way to die, slow and painful

16 Nov 2016 greyfield

Krams: I believe you can; unlike Magic, there's no stack, so order of effects should be instantaneous. To be fair, though, I can't think of any prior circumstance that would have given Lucas or Damon reason to rule on it.

16 Nov 2016 greyfield

Actually, looking back, people have used Crick - Marcus before; it was just to make infinite credits excruciatingly slowly with Alex Talbot. And that was a year ago. Which further makes me think Marcus-Crick-Marcus is acceptable.

16 Nov 2016 runningman

wow. its a genius. great deck. really want to try it out

16 Nov 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Also if your first Marcus Batty fails, just rez the second copy you have in the same server...

16 Nov 2016 LordRandomness

oh good lord, and if they're broke it's a guaranteed kill (you pay a cred on each psi game which they can't match and you get back from your ID, Batty costs nothing to reinstall/rez from Crick...)

16 Nov 2016 HolyMackerel

I'm a simple man. I see a janky combo, I upvote.

Seriously though, this is awesome. How can you not love it?

16 Nov 2016 whirrun

Slightly confused by the cerebral cast include, but awesome deck! Is there no room for the psychic donkey-dog thing from 23 seconds?

16 Nov 2016 Eji1700

Hmm i'll have to shuffle the ice around and see if I can make this work (popup, goddess, and triple payoga seem necessary).

17 Nov 2016 greyfield

whirrun: The thinking for Cast is brain damage can help push down the number of consecutive psi games you need to win, and most people will take that over a tag. Especially against decks with Obelus, it's hard to just lean on the natural advantages of Nisei Div. Though it would be nice to fit in another Cerebral Static, Voter Intimidation, or even a single An Offer You Can't Refuse, for maximum jankery. (No idea what you mean by the other part.)

The real takeaway should be a lot of the deck is flexible - Architect is super expensive and half its utility is just being extra Cricks. YMMV.

17 Nov 2016 moistloaf

This is hilarious

17 Nov 2016 Gerrark

I love every deck you build Greyfield, and playing against you on Jinteki is always fun. Please keep it up, it's always a treat to see your name here or there.

17 Nov 2016 Elodius

Best Nisei deck ever ! Love it !

17 Nov 2016 gozik

Piece of beuaty

17 Nov 2016 gozik

Some suggestion:

Add RSVP into deck. Build server RSVP, Crick, Batty When they approach Crick fire batty into rsvp. If you win and they don't have d4vid - it is instakill.

17 Nov 2016 ryanbantwins

@Elodius I take that as an insult :p

Nice idea tho.

17 Nov 2016 D4KEN

@gozik, D4v1d works only over archives, otherwise Crick has STR 3.

17 Nov 2016 whirrun

Wow, I can't believe my first comment! I was pretty tired last night. The deck still looks awesome, the card I was referring to was Watchdog. I stand by my description.

17 Nov 2016 whirrun

Except it turns out I got it mixed up Hyoubu Research Facility. Whoops!

17 Nov 2016 greyfield

Thanks, Gerrark, I appreciate that.

18 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

Dude u monster hahaha

18 Nov 2016 Manu l Humain

Hi ! I have to try it. Did you consider to had some punitive counterstrike or even scortched earth (works fine with cerebral cast) to finish the job ? Thanks.

19 Nov 2016 Manu l Humain

Is it allowed to rezz Batty several times on during the same window ? I want to find a way to use tags from Cerebral Cast, maybe Closed Accounts could be nice : cheap influence and makes the psi games easier.

19 Nov 2016 Friff14

Closed Accounts would be pretty cool because you really want to make them broke to pull off the combo.

22 Nov 2016 MrEhjiwurth

Just wanted to share this deck concept my boyfriend made that was done a few weeks before this one with a different approach for aspiring Nisei Players. Enjoy!