Yellow Endurance, a Store Championship winning decklist

Erik_Twice 2037

This deck just went undefeated at my local Store Championship! Other players wanted to me to share it, so here it is.

At first glance it seems the usual NEH build transplanted to Making News and the card choices are practically identical. But Yellow Endurance is, in practice, a slower, more control-oriented deck than Astrobiotics and plays very differently.

Manhunt is the star of the deck. It's just one card but it protects every single one of your servers, no matter how many of them you have. It's an Enhanced Login Protocol that not only taxes one click but also TWO CREDITS. It slows the Runner down spectacularly and punishes random, "easy" accessess.

It also allows the deck to play with very few ICE, just 11 of them since you won't need them to defend your Daily Bussiness Shows and economy assets.

Those 11 pieces of ICE are powerful, though. You have Pop-Up as additional deterrence, Wraparound to force a breaker, Viper to stop and tax (It costs 4 credits to break with most breakers and is not at all porous in MN and less when paired with Manhunt). Virgo is the nasty surprise, anyone hitting it early will take an incredible hit (4 credits, 2 clicks!) and is extremely efficient for its costs (7 credits to break with Femme).

The tagging is supported by Closed Accounts which is the cheapest, most versatile piece of tag punishment around. It also pairs really well with Breaking News which is very important.

But the real backbone of the deck is Daily Bussiness Show which allows the Corp to slow down the game and hence, also allows it to tax more with Manhunt and its pieces of ICE. It also finds additional Astroscripts, Manhunts and Vipers which you'll need at some point in the game.

The usual Fast Advance package is added as a form of pressure, you need to make the Runner run so he hits your Pop-Ups and Manhunts over and over so you add SanSan and Biotic. Biotic isn't overly important, though, it's mainly used as a way to score without a remote and to abuse Breaking News.

So yeah, that's the deck. Most players at today's tournaments thought it was disgusting but give it a try, even if you don't think it's fun :)

Note: I couldn't find a third SanSan by the time of the tournament so I decided to play 48 cards and only two SanSans. Otherwise the decklist is indentical.

25 Jan 2015 Totakeke

Doesn't seem like the deck would work well if the runner decides to float tags and especially if they run Opus. Interesting deck nonetheless. I like the idea of Manhunt alone being enough to make Making News worth it.

25 Jan 2015 Totakeke

Also, why Mental Health Clinic over Marked Accounts? I'd think the influence savings would be really useful.

25 Jan 2015 Erik_Twice


If they float tags, they'll be forced to click for credits and so they'll be left unable to trash the SanSans, Daily Bussiness Shows and economy cards while taking ages to run through Viper and a couple of Pop-Ups. You are not going to win if I see new three cards every turn and with a rezzed SanSan on the table.

Magnum Opus doesn't see play so it isn't an issue. And the deck is still as able to play Astros as NEH, so any time spent playing MO is time that will never come back!

I couldn't find any use for the last four points of influence so I just decided to run Mental Health Clinic over Marked Accounts.

1 Feb 2015 7Tigers

Congratulations for the victory. I just fail to see how with so few ices and only two Close Account as threat, you can counter Indexing, Medium, multiple R&DI, Keyhole... And why not Psychographics (instead of MHC for example)?

2 Feb 2015 Erik_Twice


You have all the ICE you need, since Manhunt covers all your servers and you can filter cards through Daily Bussiness Show. A server like Pop-Up, Pop-Up, Viper is really strong when you play fast and the Runner must trash a lot of assets.

Psychographics isn't worth it, by the time it's useful you are already winning. I tried it and ended up playing 3 SanSans again.

20 Apr 2015 Alsciende

What about swapping the Mental Health Clinics for a Scorched Earth?

20 Apr 2015 Erik_Twice


I think you can easily switch to a flatline version by taking out the Mental Health Clinics and Biotics for Scorched. But with I've had it Worse and Clot around, I'm sure more changes will be needed.

Still, Manhunt is very strong and so is Virgo so I think it can be done. :)

14 Sep 2015 Spica

Tried it today. Had 6 agenda points stolen before the first ice or current showed up. More ice...