Worldsender (5-2 and 10th @Worlds, 3rd in Swiss)

Bridgeman 2321

Would have been a better title if I won :D

The exact same list I brought to euros except one stargate was swapped for a fermenter since I wasnt expecting a lot of sportsmetal anymore.

Wont bother to do a detailed writeup of how the deck works, because I already did :D

Still has favourable matchups against most things IMO, especially PD. The only big problem is grinder jinteki.

Thanks everyone who made the event possible! Shoutout to everyone from my team Unband who helped with countless hours of practice and moral support ;)

22 Nov 2021 Saintis

Would this deck be better with 15 more cards though hmm?

22 Nov 2021 Bridgeman

Heh, No :D

23 Nov 2021 BobAloVskI

Been a while since I've played the game so I'm not familiar with this deck type but I have a question about its functionality...

It appears as though the deck cannot have all breakers and Stargate installed at the one time. I imagine the plan is to get the breakers installed (as many as needed) and get an apocalypse off. Then when they are trying to build up their ICE again, you are Stargate'ing into R&D and trashing their ICE (and agendas). If they do get enough ICE onto R&D to stop that plan, you can focus elsewhere as they probably cannot defend HQ or a remote as well. Also, I assume at this point you Rebirth into Omar, not worry about the R&D ICE and apocalypse again.

23 Nov 2021 Bridgeman


The breakers only need to be in your heap for the apocalypse to be a safe play, no need to preinstall.

Yes the main plain is to just collect money and then to apocalypse at the right time to reset the corps progress and prevent scores.

Stargate is often installed when there is no ice on R&D, but it depends a bit on the matchup and the situation. It is powerful enough that even if it is not installed it can force the corp to ICE R&D, making it so more ice needs to be commited to the board and further strengthening the next apoc.

And yes exactly, rebirth into omar makes it so they have to shift defenses to archives that they would have liked on R&D or HQ otherwise. He is still the most common rebirth target, but honourable mentions are: - Alice who wrecks face vs anything that doesnt have tools to stop an apoc, especially NBN decks thin on ice like ctm - Edward Kim is often a decent choice vs Argus or Outfit to clean out their counterthreats over time while gaining a link for hhn/punitive. - Quetzal who in some situations makes it hard for the corp to tax you, notably breaking an IP block for 0 credits.