Der Loopenboopen (Participation Ribbon, NZ Nationals 2023)

Inactivist 405

I'd been working hard to forget that Keeling existed ahead of the SBT Update and @lostgeek's list looked like the kind of fun that would help me wean myself back off Prison decks. I've tried a bunch of ice substitutions but in the end just went with the original list with the luxury Mindscapings switched out for more money. So with NZ Nats being pre-ban I thought I might enjoy running it for a lark and let everyone think I was still on Keeling, and then on the morning of the event discovered this was a Real Actual Tournament. Props to NBKelly for an immaculately run event.

Anyway, this was one of a mere three Aginfusion decks at NZ Nats and I'm proud to say that between the three of us, we only dropped two Corp games all day. No follow-up questions on this.

17 Sep 2023 HaverOfFun

Wow an outstanding finish by Ag! Congrats on doing your part to that great result from all of you 3!