Smoke (4-0) at Calgary GNK

yads 138

This is a Smoke deck that's based from Code Marvelous' E.L.E. - The Elusive Lady Electric deck. This deck went 4-0 at a GNK and really carried me through the Swiss rounds. I was expecting a lot of AgInfusion and other glaciery builds on the corp side and was more or less right. There was only 1 NBN and NACH hardly played a role. It's definitely a flex slot depending on the meta.

Notable cards:

Mirror - One of the cheapest 2 MU in faction consoles. This rig can be pretty heavy and MU will eventually become an issue. I initially tried Daredevil, but the issue I found is that with SMC on the table, there's a chance you could draw into the card you need when you initiate the run. Plus spending 5c takes so much tempo.

Freedom Through Equality/Employee Strike - This current suite does double duty. It allows you to turn off AgInfusion so you can get those precious Maker's Eye runs, against others you can drop Freedom before a big Maker's run to get that extra point. There's a bit of an anti synergy with Film Critics and Freedom, so it can definitely be a flex slot

Paperclip - just the best fracter in the game. You give up the influence for Clot, so if you are expecting a lot of Fast Advance then you may want to slot it in, but a lot of the time just the threat of Clot can be enough early on. I did play against a FA AgInfusion deck, which I eventually hard locked, as they were relying on Shipment From Tennin to FA out so you can definitely beat some FA variants without Clot.

Dai V - can be amazing early on and against a lot of multi sub ice. I played against a deck that relied on a lot of Trap and Mythic ice so it was an amazing tech card for the matchup.

Equivocation - serves as constant R&D multi access that has the added benefit of flooding the corp out

With Free Mars out, the 2 Daily Casts can be replaced with Bloo Moose since your only recursion is the single Clone Chip. This deck will definitely struggle against asset spam, so the key is going to be to focus on what this deck is trying to do and that's R&D pressure.