Critical Contacts (1st Place Hamburg/Praha/Kassel SC)

dome_ 599

This is the Hayley Deck I played in a Store Championship in Hamburg. It is card by card Chris Dyers list but I swapped an Artist Colony for a DaVinci and this was a good change. It lost against a Brain CI, won against a CTM, won against a Gagarin and won against a Palana. In the cut it won against a Brain CI. In Praha it won against CTM - won Against Hydra - won against PE, - lost against Stinson CI - won against lunatic CI and won against Stinson CI

In Kassel it won Against NEH Moons - won against AGInfusion Rush, lost against PE, won and lost against Skorpios.

I really like this deck and having almost no silver bullets seems fine to me, too. Overall a fun deck and maybe I will tweak this deck a bit further!

14 Feb 2018 Longi

Hey Dominik, really nice deck. It was inspiring to see you pilot it. Congratulation on the weekend double win!

14 Feb 2018 dome_

Thank you very much!