Resident Sleeper (4-4, 6th @ CBI)

anarchomushroom 437

me registering 419 for the 8262nd time

There's basically nothing to say about this list that hasn't already been discussed. It's essentially the UK Nats 419 that the processbears played with a few changes. Cat's Cradle is absolutely dogshit at breaking ice so after Parhelion released we tried cutting the Stargate package for an actual decoder and playing Docklands/Wake as our wincon. But at the last minute we felt having Mad Dash was great in this meta, so Stargate went back in but at the cost of a 3rd Diesel, hence the blubbery. Other than that, it's reg ass 419 that's been talked to death.

Thank you to all my opponents for the great games, Ysengin, Orb, Kror, and nbkelly for the amazing work running, judging, and streaming, and thank you to Pigeon Fighters for being great people to test with and for providing support and banter on the day of the tournament. It was a great event and made me more hype to play more Netrunner this year.