Geist - 1st place at Shuffle & Cut SC, La Habra CA

raphaeln 502

1st place at Shuffle & Cut store champs (La Habra, CA) on February 12th with 16 players.

Went undefeated in swiss. Wins against Blue Sun, CtM D2D and BABW (ID 4th round).

Went 2-0 in double-elimination. Win against 2x CtM D2D.

All props go to @sirris, from whom I stole this build in the last store champ we played. I'm convinced that Medium is the best R&D multi-access for the built and The Source with Peddlers and Fall Guys really shines on the deck.

13 Feb 2017 tvaduva

Congrats again!

Not much HB at this one? Or, did you just dodge them all? Source + Fall Guys are great against the uptick in CI, we've seen in the Midwest since Quorum has been released.

13 Feb 2017 raphaeln

Thanks again!

There were a few EtFs, but I dodged them all. Actually 2 of the Top4 were EtFs, I just never got to run against them... I think that match up is not great, but depending on the build, Geist can be slightly favored.

And that's right, Source with Fall Guys is really good against CI. We don't have a lot of those here, but there was a uptick of NEH railgun, which this deck is also pretty good against.

14 Feb 2017 Krasty

Is Passport enough in this meta full of DNA Trackers, Fairchilds, etc. ?

14 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

How do you handle an asset spam matchup? I love Geist decks but I always get scared away from playing them based on that matchup alone.

14 Feb 2017 raphaeln

@Krasty: Passport definitely struggles against these big code gates, but the other decoder options either have the same problems (Zu, Gordian Blade), need support (Yog) or we just don't have influence for them (Cyber-Cypher). Interestingly, Sifr pushed most of these nasty code gates out of the meta. Also, at mid to late game, you have enough economy to break them with Passport.

@BizDad: Asset spam is definitely a tricky match up and probably the most difficult one for this Geist. An early Temüjin helps a lot. Then, it is a matter of knowing what to trash and going for the Medium dig for the win.

14 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

Thanks for the response. That's kind of what I was thinking. Luckily we don't have too many prison decks in our meta. I'm thinking about bringing this deck to the next SC I play in.

I notice you have some good hate vs CI. I'm assuming that's why you put in The Source and Vamadeva? If you have played against some CI, how did those matchups go?

14 Feb 2017 Klopstock

@BizTheDad: Exactly my thoughts. Around new year's eve I played Siege Engine Geist a lot. I like this list too, but how do you handle Friends spam?

14 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

@Klopstock: I don't know that you handle it. I think you just trash the things you absolutely have to trash -- SSCG, Jeeves, etc -- and even then I don't know that it's possible to even trash that stuff. I think @raphaeln is right in that you just have to Medium dig a bunch. I would hope that you could also Siphon spam with 3 SoT's which could prevent them from rezzing all their assets. I don't know... Overall I think any runner not named Whizz has difficulty with asset spam these days.

14 Feb 2017 raphaeln

@BizTheDad: That's good you don't have many prison decks in your meta. I had to face CtM D2D deck 3 times and they were all very painful! :) There is actually plenty of hate for CI on this list. Vamadeva is here for that MU. The Source helps that MU as well, but it's mostly here to remote pressure. And finally, we have E-strikes and Siphons. So, if you don't make mistakes, the CI MU should be in your favor. I didn't have to play against any CI with this deck yet.

@Klopstock: Exactly what @BizTheDad said. On top of that, I would say to try to get The Source out early to keep the remote pressure.

16 Feb 2017 x3r0h0ur

Another classically great performance Raphael! I too am trying to take geist to the top, dropped a 3rd place finish in chicago a few weeks ago, trying again in chicago this weekend with an even better geist. I believe!

16 Feb 2017 raphaeln

Thanks, Brian! Grats on the 3rd place in Chicago! Rooting for you next weekend there. Please, just tell me it's not a Geist with Sifr and the bird breakers. Apparently that's what all the cool kids are doing these days...