Wicked Witch

SpellSlinger 109

Baba Yaga with Dagger to pump knocks down servers for super cheap. Smoke's credit w/Net Mercur is usually more than enough. Especially in this ice light world we live in now.

Opus is there to keep up on money and help you install your expensive things without losing too much tempo. Mid-Late game it can help control Asset Spam.

Artist Colony + Fan Site to fetch the pieces we're missing if an SMC isn't around, otherwise a good way to secure a quick silver bullet like Feedback Filter/Hades Shard/Plascrete/Clot on demand.

Sifr gives us the memory we need for the full rig, supports the Atman plays for Mother Goddess rush, and saves us Stealth credits when we need to run more than once.

26 Jan 2017 m3lonoscopy

2x Sifr or am I missing something?