Bang Bang

Dragoonkin 328

Nobody's on Critic yet so rushing Niseis and Obokatas is dumb. Especially with Ben Musashi. If they get low in hand after an Obokata you can pop them with Punitive. Bang Bang.

Won a GNK this past weekend along with my Sunny deck ("Working Overtime"), going 6-2 with both decks combined.

Went 3-1 vs Ed Kim (W), Hayley (W), Leela (L), Sunny (W). Only loss was to HQI Gang Sign. If only I had Snare!s.

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4 Oct 2017 Matt500

I'm scared to play Jinteki without Mushin or Snare. But its a brave new world and i'll get there killing runners or scoring agendas.

And I hate scoring agenda's.....

16 Oct 2017 x-factor103

Thanks for this! It's everything I was looking into for research into playing Ag post-rotation. Bonus that it's got Obokata + Punitive shenanigans that I've wanted to try for a while.

Never played Aginfusion before. Looking forward to trying it.