Dumb Deckbuilding offers Success (24th Euros - 5-2)

Terje 454

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, the deck is 46 cards. And yes it is a one-off. But I couldn’t find my third Hacktivist, so I added a DDoS and then I decided to add a second Retrieval run because I’m a coward and 46 card Maxx is basically 44 cards cause you trash 2 at the beginning right? So the math checks out.

Much to the chagrin of my meta buddies the DDoS actually did loads of work on the day and only got milled by Maxx once, and I even managed to get it on 2 peddlers. Sometimes you just have to believe.

I tried a few different cards in the slot and decided on DDoS without any testing because I thought it would be funny. And boy did it pay off.

My favourite use of it was having it in my opening hand and drawing into Dirty Laundry after the corp installs and rezzes a Daily Quest behind a single piece of ice. Turns out DQ fires each time you run it, so I install DDoS, pop it, Dirty Laundry the remote, run it again and run it last click to trash the DQ. Value town, population: Maxx.

I had a really good day at Euros and Maxx only lost 2 games the whole day, while Argus let me down on a couple of occasions.

You should probably ditch the Ret run and the DDoS, but if you wanna tilt your friends and or opponents and have some fun, just believe and the card will find its way to your hand or a Peddler.